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lor silicone jewelry, which is not widely used as gifts. For the production process of how to do rubber band bracelets? Firstly,drawing design is generally based on the size of the sample provided by customers to draw production drawings, generally using graphic drawing software, such as CDR or AI software production, if customers can not provide samples, we can according to customer requirements, free to cooperate with customers to complete the design and production of drawings. Then the mould is made according to the drawings. According to the color number on the international Pantone color card designated by the customer. Each bracelet is weighed electronically. The average weight of the bracelet is about 5.5 grams. When the mould is ready, it is production. After the bracelet is manufactured, it is necessary to check the quality of the bracelet, which mainly depends on whether the bracelet conforms to the specifications. If there is any discrepancy, all the bracelets will be discarded.Every bracelet will leave a residual edge when it is manufactured. After the quality inspection department has passed the inspection, the product will be sent to the later process department for trimming.After trimming the edges, they are finished products.         silicone-rubber-wristbandsrubber-bracelets-animals

simple and single. If it is blue for example, it is blue all the way. These kinds of bracelets are the most advantageous since you can customirainbow rubber band braceletsze them however you like. If you wrainbow rubber band braceletsant to write anything on them, you are free to do so. Apart from this, they are very simple and can be used by anyone. Advantages: One of the advantages of these Custom wristbands is that they are easy to order from anywhere because they do not require any special additional stuff. They are also cheaper because of the above reason. They are not too flashy meaning they are suitable for anyone. Characteristics: No printing, embossing or debossing, these items feature a solid color and there is nothing added. Usage: Because of their features, their usage is limited to the preference of the person acquiring them. You may want to just use them to represent a simple theme. For example, green ones can be used to represent nature. They are the best choice for anyone who is in a hurry.             customize-bracelets

ccessfully battled cancer. He was the 1st one to champion the cause of fundraising using silicone wristbands. He made rubber wristbands out of silicone rubber and sold them to raise funds for cancer victims and create awareness about cancer – the deadly disease. This is how fundraising through silicone wristbands became popular and the famous yellow rubber wristbands flew off the shop racks like hot cakes. In fact, the yellow Lance Armstrong wristbands or rubber wristbands became so ubiquitous and common that they achieved some kind of a cult status among the youth. If you want to raise funds through silicone wristbands, all you need to do is to place bulk orders in some online store selling custom silicone wristbands. There are millions of stores who sell a mind boggling variety of rubber wristbands in myriad colors, patterns, designs and motifs. You have to specify the number of rubber wristbands you require along with the design specifications and the message or slogan you want inscribed inside that silicone custom bracelet. Usually the finished products will be shipped to your doorstep within 3 to 5 days and you can use these message bracelets to raise funds by selling them. When pretty little rubber bracelets that also double up as cool and pocket friendly fashion accessories champion some kind of philanthropic cause or noble cause , people love to lap them up as they think they are doing their bit for society. Some of the fundraising events for which charity organizations use silicone rubber bracelets are “eradicate illiteracy or polio or dyslexia or diabetes or flu campaigns”,  “helping out poor orphans and rehabilitating them”, prevention of child and women trafficking, rehabilitation of victims of sexual abuse, creating awareness about deadly or strange types of diseases and helping out victims of diseases with financial and medical assistance, drug abuse and its after effects, alcohol abuse and its after effects and a variety of similar other causes! Just invent any noble cause, sell message bracelets to raise funds and mint money faster than you can pronounce m-o-n-e-y! It also helps that these custom rubber bracelets don’t cost more than a few cents, sometimes less than a dollar!             make-your-own-rubber-band-bracelets

band has advantage of favorable price, soft to touch and long lasting, so it is very popular. Let me see the printed wristband. How to choose wristband size ? Regular sizes of a silicone wristband are 6”(150mm) for toddler, 7”(180mm) for youth, 8”(202mm) for adult in circumference and 1/4”(6mm), 1/2”(12mm), 3/4”(19mm), 1”(25mm) in width. We make it all together 2mm thickness. Regarding with the circumference, it is the most important factor to choose size in our order. It is the average sizes for toddler, youth and adult. The direct way to choose size is to measure the size of your wrist before selecting. If all the above sizes do not fit you, it is available for custom size. Our mould machine is updated to make variety of sizes. How to choose your wristband color? There are 4 styles mainly. They are solid, swirled, segmented and glow. Solid color looks brief and clear. There will be only one color of the solid wristband. Different color is for different meaning. White represents making poverty history. Yellow represents living strong to fight against cancer and so on. It is awesome to wear two or more solid wristbands on one wrist of different colors which shows individuality. Swirled colors is more than one color, you can put two to four colors swirled in the wristband. The colors looks like some coatings mixed half way, some stripe and smoke of color inside. The most outstanding swirled is a camouflage wristband which usually colored of black, 463c, 574c and 459c. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities. A segmented wristband gets regular color segment from one to another, they are next to each other. We can make mostly 7 colors in a segment wristband, the tipical rainbow wristband has yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, red and green in it. Glowing wristband will glow in dark after absorbing light come from sunshine or lamps. Why it glows ? The reason is the glowing power which is made from some special rare earth. It absorbs, store and release light energy so it does. It glows green, blue or red yet the wristband color will not be same as glowing. The wristband color of glowing can be normally white, green, blue, red, yellow, pink and purple, but it must be light enough otherwise glowing will be hard to release. The glowing usually last 3 hours and gradually weaken. But it is not the end. It recovers when absorbing light energy again. So it is recyclable.  

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