Premiecompanies that make wristbandsr hails strong ties with Finland

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China would like to further promote cooperation with Finland in innovation, clean energy, environmental protection and occupational education, said Premier Li Keqiang on Monday.

Li made the remarks when meeting with Maria Lohela, speaker of the Parliament of Finland, who is paying a visit to China from Sunday to Friday.

"The relations between our two countries have been at the forefront of the relations between China and North European countries for many years. We also are encouraged by the fact that our cooperation in various fields has been going from strength to strength," Li said.

China is willing to further cooperation with Finland in advantageous areas such as innovation and clean energy to make a brighter future, Li said.

Over the past three decades, China has achieved substantial social and economic achievements by opening-up and reform, the premier said. "In the years to come, we will continue reforms to further stimulate market vitality and social creativity, expand opening-up to boost closer ties with other countries and promote trade liberalization and investment facilitation, and realize win-win outcomes," he said.

The premier spoke positively of bilateral relations between the two countries. He said China adheres to mutual respect and equal treatment in exchanges with other countries, which is also a vital principle for the world"s second-largest economy to safeguard world peace and diverse cultures.

Lohela said both countries have always respected each other. Finland would like to work with China to maintain long-term development and bring benefits to both peoples, she said.

Finland was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with New China in 1950.

Last year bilateral trade hit $6.36 billion, making China Finland"s largest trading partner in Asia for 12 consecutive years.

The two countries have maintained close ties in diversified fields. Finland was also one of the founding members of the China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in April 2015.

In April, the two countries announced the building of a future-oriented, new-type cooperative partnership, elevating bilateral ties to a new high. The two countries also designated 2019 as the Year for China-Finland Winter Sports, meaning joint efforts will be made to support China"s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

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